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3D & Virtual Reality Technology For Showrooms, Venues and Real Estate

Immerse your customers in the full 3D experience anytime via your own virtual 3D showcase. Use interactive tags to sell luxury items, book service appointments, and show off your business or property anywhere, on any device. Let your space create lasting first impressions before customers walk through the door.
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Luxury Retail and Service Boutiques

You put a lot of thought into the impression your high-end boutique creates. But how much of that carries over to your website? Boxed Owl’s 3D camera technology creates interactive high-res models—digitally recreating your space online right down to the details.
Every customer—even those who never step foot in your stores—gets the full experience every time.

Our tours are interactive with clickable tags that sell products from your shelves, services on the spot, or provide more info about your business with a single tap.

Use every opportunity to sell (or upsell) with 3D virtual tours that grab visitors from the get-go.

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Entertainment Venues

Need a new way to showcase your restaurant, club, concert hall, or arena? Want to sell customers, promoters, investors, or potential partners? A stunning 3D Virtual showcase adds tremendous value to your brand and puts you head and shoulders above the competition.

Boxed Owl recreates your venues in high-resolution 3-Dimensional virtual reality. Let anyone find, view, and tour your venue right from your website. They can even get the full experience in virtual reality with VR goggles!

Our clickable tags let customers reserve tables, request services, and contact you directly for rental information with a simple touch. Try Boxed Owl with no strings attached—we’ll shoot your venue for free. You only pay if you love what you see.

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High-End Real Estate

Luxury apartments, commercial buildings, and homes need a sales tool that’s every bit as eye-catching as they are. Boxed Owl creates high-res virtual 3D tours of properties so potential buyers feel as if they’ve stepped through the door. These interactive tours allow individuals to “walk” through any property and see every room from virtually any angle.

Forget photo slideshows–Wow buyers with this fun and exciting way to showcase homes anywhere and anytime.

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Unique 3D Tour Space

Unique 3D Tour Space

Boxed Owl’s unique 3D Showcases are high-impact sales tools that let you present your property in the most attention-grabbing way possible. With true 3D image capturing, precise computer modeling, and integrated marketing tools, like clickable billboard tags, these 3D Tours function as both marketing material and sale generators in one. The sample to the left is a detailed scan and 3D representation of the beautiful multi-million dollar Beverly Hills Surgery Center. Want your venue showcased in 3 Dimensions? Contact us today.

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About Boxed Owl

BoxedowlBoxed Owl was created to win clients, investors, and customers by putting them “inside” properties, even if they’re a world away. Using breakthrough 3D and Virtual Reality technologies we enable you to showcase properties like never before!

The name Boxed Owl was inspired by the Owls’ unique eye structure which allows it to see in 3D and judge distances to within fractions of an inch. Put that technology in a cutting-edge camera and we create eye-popping 3D and Virtual Reality representations of any rental property, entertainment venue, construction project, or luxury home. Combine these high-impact presentations with our online marketing tools and you have a complete lead generation system and sales machine in one easy-to-use package.

Currently we are providing our service in Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County and all Southern California cities.

The Process

At Boxed Owl it’s our job to make your business and its venues, properties, products, and projects look as stunning and tangible as possible. Our tech and marketing teams work closely with you every step of the way from planning through execution in order to create 3D Tours and Virtual Reality presentations that skillfully represent all you have to offer.

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